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Meet the Owner

Alyssa’s dream of owning a salon started at the young age of 5, She developed a passion for beauty when she would frequently go to a salon with her aunt. Fast forward to 2010, Alyssa graduated high school with no financial or emotional help from her parents and knew she had to put her dream on hold to put a roof over her head. After two years of working on her independence she decided in 2012 it was time to take the leap and enroll into a beauty program where she thought she would pursue her hair dresser dreams.


Once she graduated cosmetology school in June 2013, she decided due to financial and lack of passion, hair was not for her. Starting a career with a waxing franchise became her soft spot. So why waxing they ask “ its just effortless to me, I really enjoy making men and women of all ages , sizes and ethnicities feel comfortable. It’s what I pride myself in the most. I believe it takes a unique individual to provide a waxing service that is painless, efficient and fast all while keeping the individual comfortable. A lot of people don’t believe their is a science behind it, mix that and technique with proper aftercare you’ll be set up for smooth and flawless skin”


After working in multiple locations as a waxer / trainer, 60+ hour work weeks she decided to give the management position a go January 2020, not soon after the world shut down due to Covid 19. With the support from her husband and loyal clients it was time to start looking for a place to call hers. That is how 79 Beauty Company became more than a dream. 

79 Beauty Company is a full service salon that specializes in all things beauty. We offer full body waxing, lash lift and tints, brow tinting services, makeup and hairstyling. We are located on Route 79 in Matawan with only a 5-10 minute commute to the parkway, routes 34,35,36,9 and 18 that puts us in the heart of New Jersey.

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