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Let's Talk All Things Bikini/Brazilian Waxing

So for those of you who are new to waxing and or are considering the service look no further! I am here to provide you with some FAQ’S, how to prep for your service, the Do’s & Dont’s and proper aftercare.

So what exactly is waxing?

Waxing is a process that removes the hair from the follicle by the root. Yes! Waxing is very different from shaving. Shaving is a method that cuts the hair at the skin causing it to grow back immediately. Waxing removes the hair down to the root leaving you with NO razor burn and 1-2 weeks of a smooth bikini. Its said that the first Brazilian wax damages 50%-85% of your hair follicles causing the hair to grow back slower and softer.

Whats the difference between soft & hard wax?

Soft wax is a warm wax technique that requires a cloth strip to remove the hair. Hard wax is still warm however it is applied to the hair and acts like a shrink wrap so it only adheres the the hair. 99.9% of my clients prefer hard wax over soft however I am trained and highly skilled in both. I tend to lean more for hard wax as I personally feel it is less painful.

Can I wax if I'm pregnant? Do plus size women get waxed? I have my period can I still get serviced? All questions are answered with YES.

Truthfully all my clients are different in sizes, shapes and ethnicities.

Some of them even started coming to me because due to pregnancy. They no longer felt comfortable grooming themselves. NO waxing will not harm your unborn child, being pregnant may make you a little more sensitive. Waxing on you period is 100% okay, I personally require everyone who is getting a bikini or Brazilian wax during their menstruation cycle to wear a tampon. Sanitation, hygiene and comfort is a top priority to me. If you are not comfortable wearing a tampon I kindly ask that you reschedule.

Have you ever turned someone away?

YES I have and will if you are currently on any acne medications that cause the skin to thin such as Epiduo, Differin, Accutane, and or creams that contain retinol or Retin-A.

We ask that you notify us if you are on any medications this way we can determine if it is safe for you to do any waxing services. You can always consult with your doctor and or dermatologist to see if waxing is suitable for you. I do not perform any waxing services on anyone who has visible sunburn or open lesions. If you have given birth in the past 6-7 weeks we do recommend consulting with your doctor for a clearence to wax.

Now that we’ve confirmed waxing is suitable for you here is what you can do to prepare for the service. 2-3 week prior to your bikini/Brazilian waxing service DO NOT TRIM OR SHAVE! The longer the hair the smoother the wax. 12-24 hour prior to your service you should exfoliate. What is exfoliating exactly? Well if you just asked yourself that I'm going to advise you stop by and pick up a product I highly recommend. Exfoliating is the removal of dead skin cells.

Do not dare use your face exfoliates or a loofah, not now.. not ever!

1-3 hours prior to your service it is super beneficial to take a warm shower, this will open your pores and soften the hair for removal.

Do not put any lotions or deodorants! We do recommend if possible taking over the counter pain medication this helps with the soreness that may come after the service.

During the waxing service you may experience little to mild discomfort this is due to the hair that is being removed. I believe good conversation and my technique makes the service as painless as possible.

Finally aftercare, this is SOO important, this especially for the first timers sets the foundation for all future appointments. Aftercare helps prevents irritation, infected hair follicles, scarring, breakouts and any other reactions. I always tell my clients 50% of a waxing service is done by me the other 50% is aftercare done by you. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’t’s.


· Let the area breathe, wear loose clothing to your appointment and try to wear cotton underwear.

· 48 hours post waxing you can start applying your serum, this is done once a day and preferably after a shower.

· 5-7 days post waxing you can start exfoliating.


· Touch the area.

· Perform any sexual activities.

· Take hot baths or go into a sauna.

· Go into pools, lakes, hot tubs or the ocean.

· Tan ( in a bed or by the sun )

· Avoid sports, gym, or any exercise.

· Wear tight clothing or lace underwear.

· Apply deodorants, body sprays, lotions or any other products other than the ones I specifically recommend.

1-3 weeks post waxing the hair will start to grow back so to minimize infected hair follicles and ingrown be sure to use a serum once daily & exfoliate 2-3 times per week. Over exfoliating is just as bad as not exfoliating. Do not ever pick, pop or tweeze the bikini area. I personally offer ingrown hair treatments but please note I am not a doctor so I can not prescribe medications or diagnose conditions. It is best that you consult with your doctor if you feel concerned of any skin reactions. It is normal for it to take 2-4 services to get onto a routine that best suits your hair growth. I typically recommend getting a service every 3-6 weeks depending on your growth, the hair should always be the length of a grain of rice.

Side effects are extremely rare and mild but possible. Waxing can cause inflammation, welts, hives, skin lifting, and redness. This is usually not severe and can be treated with Neosporin and or anti histamines. Redness may subside within hours to days. Failure to follow aftercare may result in ingrown hairs, irritation and other side effects.

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